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Hi!  I'm Sarah.  I'm a former librarian and mother of three -- a teen daughter, a preschool-aged son, and a newborn boy.  My family and I live in Washington State where, despite a lot of rainy weather, we love to play outdoors... and read.  :)

I earned my Master's in Library and Information Science in 2011 and started work as a teen librarian right after graduation.  I tell everyone that being a teen services librarian is the best job in the world!  You get to pick out awesome books, spend time with passionate, idealistic youth, and plan fun community events (we even played laser tag after hours once).  I was a teen librarian for four years, then in 2015, due to our growing family and a work schedule change, I found it financially necessary to leave my job (props to all the moms [and dads] either working or staying at home -- the juggle of childcare expenses, career matters, and household responsibilities can be quite a challenge).

I soon discovered that one of the things I missed the most about working at the library was finding out about amazing books.  At one point, I found myself standing in front of the shelves at our local library in a kind of trance, suddenly not knowing what to pick up for my kids.  I checked to see if favorite authors had anything new.  That helped a little.  At home I looked online for suggestions and mostly found lists of 100 all-time greats.  Some of the books matched my kids' ages, abilities and interests, but we read through those pretty quickly.  Finally, I decided to track down the selection tools that were available to me as a librarian.  That way I could keep on top of the amazing books that are always being published.  Then I started to wonder if other parents sometimes felt stuck too, not really sure what to pick out for their kids... so I went to work on this website.

I have a huge love of kids' books and I hope this site will give you ideas for books to share with your children.  I wish you joy in experiencing stories that your child will likely remember for his or her whole life.

To learn more about how the books are chosen click here.

These are my kiddos -- Sophia and Oliver.  It poured down rain later that day!

Me and my fellas hiking in Oregon. :D


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Hello there!

Hi!  I'm Sarah.  I'm a former librarian and mother of three -- a teen daughter, a preschool-aged son, and a newborn boy.  We love to play outdoors... and read.  :)

This site is all about discovering great books to share with kids and teens. ...Read more

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