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Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

reading level:

Kindergarten, Grade 1

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Animals, Friendship, Humor

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I Will Take A Nap!

Written by:

Mo Willems


June 2, 2015



Approximate reading level:

Kindergarten, Grade 1

**Note:  For more info about beginning reader levels, including the levels of individual books and finding a child's reading level, see THE LEXILE WEBSITE

Oliver Says:  Buddy didn't chew on it.

Mom's interpretation:  Whah??  (Buddy is gramma's dog).  

Still, I gather this is Oliver's favorite book these days because he wants me to read it cons-tant-ly.  laugh  This is a beginning reader book (a fantabulous one), which isn't something I'd normally read to a two-year-old.  Board books and picture books are usually best for kids his age -- the pictures tell most of the story, so kids can actively interpret what's happening, plus the text in picture books is full of vocab building goodies.  Also,  beginning readers can be DEADLY boring.  This one is not... at all.  It's really, super funny.  So yeah, normally, I wouldn't introduce my little guy to beginning readers, but if he wants me to read him something again and again, I'm not gonna turn him away! wink

And?  Unexpected turn of events?  Yesterday, we went to tour a preschool.  My son was really enjoying himself and did NOT want to leave.  I managed to drag him out (figuratively, of course), but when I tried to get him in his car seat, he had a nuclear meltdown.  So bad.  Oh so bad.  He finally tired himself out and fell asleep driving home.

Now I should mention that in this book... I Will Take a Nap, one of the characters is tired and wants to take a nap, but his good friend keeps pestering him.  Throughout the story, Gerald, the tired elephant says he's tired and cranky and wants to take a nap so that he'll feel better.  (It's way better the way Mo Willems tells it.)

So, back to our house, where Oliver has napped, has eaten lunch, and it's time to ask... why were you sooo upset after we left the preschool?  His response... I was cranky.  

Ha!  That cracked me up.  And I think it just goes to show that, even if something doesn't fit the exact prescribed model of how-to-(fill in the blank), the good stuff kids are exposed to can lead to positive occurances.  By watching the friends in this story describe their feelings, Oliver learned how to express his own experience.  

Pretty dang cool, right?


Gerald is careful. Piggie is not.
Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can.
Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to.

Gerald and Piggie are best friends.

In I Will Take a Nap! Gerald is tired and cranky. Will Piggie be in his dreams? Or will she keep Gerald from dreaming at all?

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