Spunky Little Monkey Book Cover

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Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten

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Animals, Body

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Spunky Little Monkey

Illustrated By:

Brain Won


January 3, 2017


Scholastic Press




Sleepy little monkey won't get out of bed. 

Mama called the Doctor and the Doctor said:

"Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Gooseberry Pies --

Monkey needs some exercise!"

Sleepy little monkeys everywhere will clap, stomp, shake, and cheer -- while chanting this rhythmic, energetic dance song based on a popular playground game. And as they move their heads, hands, hips, and feet -- everyone will be bursting with clapping energy -- and ready to start a new day!

With humor, high energy, and Bill Martin Jr's trademark rhythm and rhyme, young readers will learn to name parts of the body. And the book makes a perfect exercise warm-up to start off a busy day of school!

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