Baby and Toddler Picks for March 2016
Best Baby and Toddler Books March 2016


While I was assembling the image for this list of March picks for best baby and toddler books, I noticed something that was the same about all of them… they’re all really different! I think that’s pretty cool. It’s so enriching to introduce little ones to different ideas, different art styles, different cultures. Their little minds are absorbing so much and are so eager. It’s also nice for mom or dad to experience a range of stories (even if those stories end up being read 1000 times. smiley)

My Heart Fills With Happiness is a celebration of the simple delights of being a child. The book highlights scenes from the lives of indigenous children, but will resonate with all readers. I love that this book was written and illustrated by two Native women. It is so rare to find books that are about the lives of First Nations people, that are not about history and aren’t folk tales, and that are so truly lovely and touching even without the added element of cultural richness.

Here is a link to a little better preview and a review of this book by a Native American scholar.

Good Night Like This is one of those cozy, lovey books that I just want to crawl into and nestle inside. I love these books that induce cuddly feelings while reading them with my little guy. It’s especially nice when he’s wearing his footy pajamas and already feels like a toasty little teddy bear. You know what I’m sayin’?

Crocopotamus: Mix and Match the Wild Animals is sure to provoke laughter. Have you ever played Scrabble for waaay too long and start inventing really bizarre words in your head? Shorkaq. Qashork. Asqurkoh. And then you start laughing like a nut? This book reminds me of a colorful version of that part of the Scrabble game; laughing about silly mixed up words. laugh

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Rrralph are both being released as board books this month. They were previously published as picture books and given much love by critics. I’m always a fan of board books for little hands. It’s so much easier for tiny kiddos to turn pages. And then there’s the lack of utter and immediate destruction!! Okay I’m exaggerating… a little.wink



 Seeing stars?  Professional book reviewers only award a star to exceptional books.  More than one star means experts from multiple organizations felt the book was outstanding. 

My Heart Fills With Happiness Book Cover
My Heart Fills with Happiness
by Monique Gray Smith
illustrated by Julie Flett
published March 13, 2016
Starred Reviews:
Star Image School Library Journal Star Image Publishers Weekly

The sun on your face. The smell of warm bannock baking in the oven. Holding the hand of someone you love. What fills your heart with happiness? This beautiful board book, with illustrations from celebrated artist Julie Flett, serves as a reminder for little ones...READ MORE

Fairy Tales for Mr Barker Book Cover
Fairy Tales for Mr. Barker: A Peek-Through Story
by Jessica Ahlberg
published March 8, 2016
Starred Reviews:
Star Image Booklist Star Image Publishers Weekly

Who will Lucy and her dog, Mr. Barker, see on their fairy-tale adventure? Peek through from scene to scene to guess who they might meet next.

Lucy is reading a fairy tale to Mr. Barker, but her dog has other ideas. When he jumps out...READ MORE

Crocopotamus Book Cover
Crocopotamus: Mix and match the wild animals!
by Mary Murphy
published March 8, 2016
Starred Reviews:
Star Image Kirkus Reviews  

Mix and match the front and back of wild animals to produce silly and magnificent new species!

What do you call a cross between a tiger and a zebra? How about an elephant and a hippopotamus? Find out as you flip the pages and create...READ MORE

Wish Book Cover
Wish (Emma Dodd's Love You Books)
by Emma Dodd
published December 8, 2015

This new addition to Emma Dodd’s much-loved sequence of animal books features a tenderly composed rhyming text, heartwarming illustrations, and flurries of foil throughout. Exploring the loving relationship between a wolf and pup, this beautifully designed picture book is...READ MORE

Skip to the Loo My Darling Book Cover
Skip to the Loo, My Darling! A Potty Book
by Sally Lloyd-Jones
illustrated by Anita Jeram
published March 8, 2016

Sally Lloyd-Jones's riotous narration and Anita Jeram's endearing illustrations make this a charming and energetic invitation to potty trainees everywhere.


Rrralph Book Cover
RRRalph (Classic Board Books)
by Lois Ehlert
published February 1, 2016
Starred Reviews:
Starred reviews for hardcover edition. Star Image Booklist Star Image Kirkus Reviews Star ImageHorn Book

Lois Ehlert’s classic story about a very special talking dog named Rrralph is now available as a Classic Board Book!


I Am Bear
by Ben Bailey Smith
illustrated by Sav Akyuz
published March 8, 2016

The multitalented Ben Bailey Smith (aka rapper Doc Brown) debuts a rollicking read-aloud about a decidedly mischievous bear.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Book Cover
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
by Jerry Pinkney
published March 29, 2016
Starred Reviews:
Starred reviews for hardcover edition. Star Image School Library Journal Star Image Booklist Star Image Kirkus Reviews

Jerry Pinkney's graceful take on the classic lullaby is now available as a board book--a perfect baby gift. As a curious little chipmunk leaves his nest to greet the twilight, he gazes at the glittering sky above him. He can't help but also notice the...READ MORE

Good Night Like This Book Cover
Good Night Like This
by Mary Murphy
published February 23, 2016
Starred Reviews:
Star Image Kirkus Reviews

From the creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This! comes a third adorable animal story to share — this one for bedtime.

Filled with dreamy, colorful art, this is the perfect soothing bedtime book for little children. The rhythmic text is just right for gently lulling them to sleep while...READ MORE

The Opposite Zoo
by Il Sung Na
published March 8, 2016

From the creator of A Book of Sleep and A Book of Babies comes a beautiful new book of animals—and opposites!
The sky is dark and the Opposite Zoo is CLOSED. But the monkey's cage is OPEN! Time to explore. . .
Follow the monkey as he visits all the animals in...READ MORE

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